Michigan Deacon Journeys - June 2017

Celebrating Unity
Welcome to the first edition of a statewide Deacon newsletter. Welcome new West Michigan recipients and welcome Detroit recipients. This can be a place to stay connected, share events and prayers, and offer words of encouragement. It is good to be one order across the state, but we know that there is diversity in our unity and I believe God celebrates that as well. May you be blessed and be a blessing wherever your work takes you. Greg Lawton, Chair WMC Order of Deacons

Connection Reminders
Please go to http://www.michiganumcdeacons.org/ to review your entry on our new website and to see the other features there.  Send any updates through the form on the site or via email to Georgia Hale, gnhale@sprintmail.com or Sarah Alexander, sarahbnalexander@gmail.com

Candidacy Summit Help
On July 29 several persons interested in ordained or licensed ministry will gather at St. Francis Retreat Center for the Candidacy Summit. The morning programming that day includes time for presentations by Deacons, Elders and Local Pastors. Would you be interested in making the Deacon presentation? Greg Lawton and Paul Perez have done this in the past but are unavailable that day. Contact Greg (see below) if you want to serve. 

DIAKONIA World Federation Assembly
Loyola of Chicago, June 28 - July 5
Join with UM Deacons and other ecumenical servants from around the world for several days of inspiration, connection, learning and hope. This ecumenical gathering assembles in various places around the world and it is a blessing to have it so close to home. See http://www.diakonia-world.org/2017/Chicago2017.shtml for more information.

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary is planning a Deacon Dialogue in conjunction with this greater gathering on June 28. Check out http://www.garrett.edu/deacon-studies/deacon-dialogue-2017-deacons-emissaries-sent-spirit. See also the Facebook event for this gathering at https://www.facebook.com/events/1365302343535302/?notif_t=plan_edited&notif_id=1488202651765560.

If you are planning to attend part or all of this event, please let Greg know!

Prayer Requests
For the newly ordained and commissioned
For those caring for ill and aging family members
For those facing job loss or change
For all who stand against injustice and violence, at home and abroad
For our uniting Annual Conferences
For those discerning a call to ministry
For the growth, strength and clarity of our Order

Connect with Greg
Greg is here to help with all things Deacon. Contact him at 269-317-7183 or gregorywlawton@gmail.com. If you have events or prayer requests to be shared in this format, please send those also.

Worship for February 2017


Our Orders of Deacons

Over the past 20 years, Deacons of the Michigan Area have been busy fulfilling our call into ministries of Word, Service, Compassion and Justice.

Our Order Of Deacons has been an active cohort, supporting one another in ministry, ushering new Deacons through the ordination process, and speaking a bold witness to both the West Michigan and Detroit Annual Conferences.  We have developed deep covenants together, calling each other into ever deepening leadership for the Church.

Thanks for taking some time to get to know the United Methodist Deacons of the Michigan Area who are listed on this site.  We hope that it can benefit your local ministry work and can cast a broadening vision of what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ for the World today.